Early in October we enjoyed a rare visit from Jill's Mama and Papa.

Our visits to Alaska have also been much too few and far between.

Connie was also here, from Colorado, for what has lately been almost an annual visit.

We were glad for the chance to reconnect, and the visit was too short.
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Above: Three generations of Oehring ladies.

Right: Mama and Papa with my giant rose bush.

Doran and Aubeni with their Oehring grandparents (and Fritz, who found a new friend for life in Grampa).
Left: Visiting a beautiful vineyard 10 minutes from my house.
Below: This Fall Doran and Aubeni discovered a new love: soccer.

Above: Doran blasts the ball in a Windsor Cup game.

Below: Aubeni drives for the goal.

Early morning readers.
Come on, Lynx, Smile!
Left: Doran and buddies after school.

Below left, Aubeni and girlfriends at school on Halloween. Aubeni was Spiderman.

Below: Doran's Halloween costume: another sort of spider-man.
Goofing around with Doran's friend Paul.
We visited Oakdale a few days before Christmas. Aubeni, Tony and Doran with Linda and Dad (alias Grampa Looper).
Tony and Aubeni on the Christmas train in Oakdale; a gift from Grampa.
Half the fun of Oakdale is cousins! Aubeni and Doran with cousin Jeremy.
Luxuriating in their new robes.
A small gift. (Uncle Jamie works for Hershey's.) Yes, that's all chocolate!
Trying to get a good picture. Hold still, Aubeni!
I give up! Be silly. Justyne, Aubeni, Jeremy and Doran, December 2002.
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