Jill's Family
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Mama and Papa, October 2002. Mama and Papa, 1970
Caty with her son Rylin, January 2002. (See the rest of the family further down the page.)
Doris, Caty, Connie, Jill, Tom, Mama in back, 1969.
Connie, Jill, and Caty, 1965
Geoffrey and Connie, January 2001.
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Tom, Caty, Doris, Jill and Connie, 1968
Tom at the fair with Connie and Caty, 2001.
Connie, Doris, Tom and Jill, 1980
Doris, 1968 - 1980.

Nieces & nephews, etc.
Tom's son T.C. (Thomas Cole) taken Christmas 2000
All together, November 1995
Back: Caylen, Aubeni, Breehan
Front: T.C., Doran, Rylin
Tom and T.C., November 1993
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Papa and Mama at a Pioneers ceremony, 2001
Caty, Breehan (17), Rylin (10), Caylen (16), and Jeff, July 2002.