My son was studying the solar system in school in 2001, so it made a natural subject for his Valentine cards. The planets were scanned from his source books; the kids are from digital photos.
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My son chose a dragon theme for his 2002 valentine, so I found this illustration in a children's book and made him part of it using Photoshop magic.
My daughter and I couldn't resist this grizzly from a photo collection. I think this one looks real!
Looper Valentine cards were based on literature in 2003. My son was reading Call It Courage in school. He takes the hero's place in this illustration. Dazzle the Dinosaur has been a favorite book for years, so my daughter was delighted to pose with her friends.
My son is now too old for valentine cards (or too young), and my daughter reused the planet card (at top, with new photo of her) last year.
Here is her card for 2005.