At left: In January we "went to the snow" near Lake Tahoe. Our first snow since we visited Alaska when Aubeni was 5 months old.

Below: In February, Aubeni was a walking Valentine.
Above and at Right: I have had a lot of fun the last several years making the kids personalized Valentine cards.

Below left: Doran tried the wrestling club and loved it.
Below right: Doran has a "bumpy" 10th birthday party in March.
Left: the Looper cousins (Tony's brother Eddie's kids), Jeremy (10) and Justyne (8), come to visit.

Below: Aubeni reads to Doran. Horrible Harry books have been a favorite of both kids.

Above: Aubeni joined girls' softball. She got pretty good, and made a lot of friends.

Below: Our front yard in the spring. Aubeni swims with neighbor Brianna.

Above: Aubeni's class spring sing-a-long. "Each of us is a flower..." Aubeni is the one in a yellow dress.

Right: Aubeni dressed up for her class spring sing-a-long. "I saw a duck by the waterside..."

School is out! Aubeni takes "Jazz, Tap and Hula" and Doran plays basketball through the Boys Club.
Aubeni at a friend's birthday party. Lots of summer birthdays!
Aubeni's Birthday in June. We made personalized paper dolls!
The main event of the summer: Caty and Jeff and the Alaskan cousins come to visit in July! We haven't seen them in years. Breehan and Caylen are practically grown up!
Cousins: Breehan (17), Aubeni (7), Caylen (16),
Doran (10), Rylin (10)
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